Owning a business or hobby farm should be rewarding! We strive to help you meet your goals. Let us help you get your business or hobby farm looking and running the best it can! 

Consider the calendar and long range forecast to plan ahead. If the temperatures are too frigid to spend countless hours outdoors, planning ahead for the spring and summer months will lighten your workload significantly. Tweaking a feeding routine for continuous and improved health of your animals, pasture planning, ordering seeds, or tuning up equipment.

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” – William Blake

We place real emphasis on providing farms in eastern Canada the information, supplies and products to grow high quality crops needed for feed and food. Canada’s short season can make it challenging for farmers, but we understand that growing superior, large crops is possible because of the warm summers and sufficient moisture in eastern Canada. Throughout our more than 50 years in the industry, Cardigan Feed Services Ltd. has helped hundreds of farmers discover how to improve their performance in innovative ways. We have become experts in our field and want to share our knowledge with our customers, so they can keep up with the latest product information, and research for large and small-scale farms.