5 lines of Purina horse feed:

Evolution: Line of 4 feeds reduced in sugar and starch. Ideal for all stages of life, from gestation to growth and from performance to retired, all with optimal nutrition.

Omolene: Line of 4 feeds based on our unique grain‑processing technology. Excellent for all life stages, including gestation, growth, and performance of the adult and senior horse.

Equilibrium: Line of 9 feeds targeted to the particular needs of your horse, pony or mini, depending on his health, temperament, and performance.

Simplici-T: Line of 5 feeds developed to meet the needs of the leisure horse, boarding stables, riding schools looking for a versatile feed tailored to different types of horses.

Veloci-T: Line of 2 feeds developed to meet the specific needs of the racehorse. Offers a perfect balance between nutritional value and palatability throughout the racing season and promotes physical and mental endurance.


Whether it’s a brand new foal or a seasoned competitor, Agribrands Purina Canada Inc. manufactures a wide variety of high end supplements for all stages of your horse’s life and activity level. When a horse needs a little customization to their diet, our variety of supplements will help tailor the best solution possible.


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