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All Pets Should Have Access to Complete Nutrition

We believe excellent nutrition should be available to all dogs and cats everywhere. That’s why we offer a wide range of products, which allows pet owners to choose a food that’s right for their pet. We want every pet owner to feel confident that their pet food meets or exceeds provincial and federal regulatory standards- but we also want every pet owner to feel confident they’ve made the right choice.

Quality food starts with quality ingredients. Quality ingredients start at the source. Some pet food brands are content with buying straight off the shelf from their suppliers, but Purina demands more. Our experts evaluate every detail of our ingredient origins – from weather patterns to air quality to livestock management practices. Why? Because all of these factors can affect quality. Learn how sourcing can impact your pet’s food.

We start by imagining a world where pets thrive longer and even the most challenging health issues can be effectively managed through nutrition. Driven by this vision and an unwavering passion for pets, we apply our unrivaled scientific expertise in pet nutrition, physiology and behavior to make new discoveries and push boundaries, creating real nutritional solutions that make a profound difference. Our job is to imagine the impossible and unleash the power of nutrition to help all pets live better, longer lives.

This philosophy impacts the decisions we make and the beliefs that guide us each and every day. These beliefs are:

  • Excellent nutrition should be available to all dogs and cats.
  • Nutrition starts with understanding nutrients, not just ingredients.
  • Innovation should be pursued relentlessly, always focusing on the pet’s nutritional needs, safety, and well-being.
  • Feeding experiences should be enjoyable, all the while delivering optimal nutrition.
  • Nutritional needs of pets are unique (e.g. dogs are different from cats, today’s pets are different from their ancestors and pets are different from humans.)





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