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We have several choices of product for swine producers.  If you require any products for your operation Cardigan Feed Services Ltd. is proud to be a Purina dealer in PEI. We can help you with premix or customized orders.

Our in-house swine authority is Mary, who is also one of the owners. Mary has a wealth of knowledge about the feed industry and swine in particular.  She can help you custom-design a feed program that is an economical and nutritional package.  She is committed to serving you with prompt efficient service.

Contact 902-583-2055 to find out more about Cardigan Feed Services Ltd.

Sow & Gilt genetic rations optimize breeding effectiveness and target the specific nutritional needs of pregnant sows and their fetuses, achieving larger potential litters with healthier and heavier birth weight and weaned piglets, with optimal return on gilt development to post estrous through post weaning Purina rations delivers.

Starting your piglets with the highest quality balanced Creep Feed ration and very flexible Nursery feed programs are important to any operation. Delivering rations into your barn enables and releases the optimal potential growth and performance; developing the long-term efficiency of the digestive tract and at the same time stimulating a healthier immune system. A great start to a great finish.

Grow & Finish your pigs with well-balanced nutrition at a predictable and efficient cost per kilogram of gain. Purina Rations effectively delivers the very best consistent nutritional programs in the marketplace. If you’re looking for flexible and highly effective programs for optimal health and simply the optimal in feed conversions and average daily gain with fantastic carcass traits Purina is the ideal choice.

Purina, your all in all nutrition package through reproduction, nursery, grower-finisher growth efficiency and prime carcass traits.



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