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Electric Fence Systems

 An electric fence is a psychological barrier that keeps livestock in and predators out – even over long distances. A pulse of electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer (a.k.a. fence charger or fencer) which is grounded. When an animal touches the fence, it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground receiving a short, sharp but safe shock. The shock is sufficient to keep the animal away from the fence.

Because the fence is a psychological barrier, it does not require great physical strength. However, it must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from animals, snow, and wind. The energizer must have enough power for the length of the fence and for the animals being controlled.

Cardigan Feed Services Ltd. is a proud Gallagher dealer and we carry everything that you can find on their site. 

Cardigan Feed Services Ltd. is also a proud SMB dealer and we carry everything that you can find on their site. 

Some of the products they carry include:

  • High Tensile Wire
  • Hi-Vis Split Tubing
  • Staples
  • Aluminum Fence Wire
  • Low Carbon Galvanized Wire
  • Barbed Wire
  • Merchant Wire
  • Welded Utility Wire 2″ x 4″ Opening
  • Page Wire
  • Horse Fence
  • Fence Stretcher
  • Under Gate Wire
  • Insultube
  • Tube Insulators
  • Horse Cote Coated Wire & Hardware
  • Hot Cote Coated Wire & Hardware


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